Learn the business of babysitting, creating safe environments, and handling emergencies. Course offered through Canadian Safety Council. For ages 12 years +. This is a registered program with a course fee.

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Your child will learn what to do in case of emergency, how and when to call 911, basic first aid skills, internet safety. Course offered through Canada Safety Council.  Ages 10 years and older. This is a registered program with a course fee.

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Participant’s can choose from activities such as, crafts, reading, board games, and building or enjoy the outside courtyard. For Children 6-10 years. Children can attend for up to 1.5 hours.


Join us in the gymnasium with your child(ren) to enjoy our toys and sports equipment. All ages – Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by a caregiver, aged 16+.


Children will be introduced to gymnastics and dance activities focusing on stability and locomotor skills. Classes will incorporate gymnastics equipment as well as beginner level dance steps and sequences.


Children will develop the foundations for different sports through exposure to object manipulation and locomotor movement skills such as running, jumping kicking throwing, catching and more. Sessions will incorporate raquet sports, basketball, soccer and volleyball.

Physical Literacy Programs

What is Physical Literacy? Physical Literacy is when kids have developed the skills and confidence to be active in lots of different sports and physical activities.

Why is Physical Literacy important? Developing physical literacy gives kids the confidence, competence and motivation to jump into a pick-up game of soccer or basketball, or to participate in any kind of physical activity. Physical literacy contributes to a child’s desire and ability to participate in any kind of physical activity or play, not just in high performance sport. There are also many linked benefits to being physically active, such as increased self-esteem, higher academic capability, and reduced risk of disease.

How does it develop? How do I get my kids involved? Kids develop physical literacy gradually through a variety of structured and unstructured activities. The nature of these activities changes as kids grow in age and ability. Parents can encourage movement and model being physically active. The following programs at the Vancouver Island YMCA-YWCA include an element of physical literacy learning: Move and Groove, Multi-Sports, and Preschool Play. For days and times of these programs, please see our schedule page


A welcoming childminding program while parents/caregivers participate in a group fitness class or an individual workout program. For children 0-5 years. See  Childminding page for more details.


A time for toddlers and their grown-ups to play and visit! Riding toys, balls and tunnels will keep your little one active as you both enjoy a social time. For children 6 months – 5 years.


We offer a wide assortment of toys and activities for toddlers through early elementary aged children. Borrow our themed toy bins for home use. Classic and Premium members = $5/month; Basic and Non-members = $10/month. Toy Bin borrowing is available during facility hours when staff and volunteers are able to assist you.

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