Why Swim at the Y?

The YMCA Swim Program is a values-based, water-activity program for children ages 6 months up to and including adults. At the Y, we focus on helping people develop. Each swimmer is challenged to grow and improve while the levels are a tool to help parents understand progress on different items. Children are challenged and not limited to completing a level before being introduced to new skills.

What are Continuous Swim Lessons?
Continuous swim lessons provide Classic and Premium members the convenience to register once in a time slot that fits their schedule.  This one time registration is made in the program, not level, that meets both your child’s age and ability. Continuous swim lessons are on-going as long as your child’s membership remains active.  Your registration will only end if you choose to move to a different time slot, cancel or put your membership on hold or miss 3 classes in a row without informing the Y.
Age Limitations and Exceptions
Children must be of the correct age for a swim lesson program at the time of registration.  Exceptions to ages will not be made.  If your child is not of the correct age you may register them on or after they have their birthday.
How to Register
Registration in Continuous Swim Lessons is limited to Classic and Premium Y members only.  Basic members may upgrade their membership in person prior to registering for swim lessons.  Non-members must purchase a Y Classic or Premium membership by visiting the Y in person before registering for swim lessons.

Participation in Lil Dipper 1, Teen and Adult Lessons does not require registration but is limited to Classic and Premium Y members only.

Registration is on-going.  Registration will be taken over the phone by calling 250-386-7511 or in person.

Missed Classes - Y Members' Responsibly to Inform
At the Y we understand that families are busy, children get sick and classes will be missed.  Members are responsible for informing the Y’s Member Services(not the swim instructor) ahead of time if your child will miss three classes in a row or more.  If you do not inform the Y your child will be de-registered from their continuous swim lesson.
My Child's Progress and Progress Cards

All levels within a program are offered within each time slot.  Once your child has completed all of the skills in a level they can start to work on the skills in the next level right away.  A mid-season check-in/meet the swim lesson instructor will also occur.

All swim lesson progress cards are available online. Progress cards will be posted in the evening on the day of your child’s swim lesson at the end of each season.   To view your child’s swim lesson progress card you will need their membership barcode number.  To retrieve their barcode please call 250-386-7511 or visit the Membership Services desk.   To view your child’s swim lesson progress card click here.  Please note “Spring 2017 Season” Progress Cards will be posted no later than 1 week after the day of your child’s swim lesson – our apologies for the delay.

Swim Lesson Seasons, Breaks and Holidays
Swimming lessons will continue to run throughout each season of the year with the following breaks:  first week of September, Christmas holidays, March/Spring break and the last week of June.  Lessons continue through the summer following the same schedules.  Swim lessons will run on the weekend of statutory holidays but are cancelled on the statutory holiday (typically Monday).  Please note Swim Lessons will be on break starting Monday June 19, 2017 and will resume starting Monday July 9, 2017.

Swim Lesson Programs

Currently in Red Cross swim lessons; please review the Red Cross and YMCA Conversion Chart

Lil Dipper 1

The Lil Dipper 1 program is for children ages 6 months – 5 years.  This non-registered parent participation program includes Splasher and Bubbler levels.

Lil Dipper 2

The Lil Dipper 2 program is for children ages 3 – 5 years.  This registered program includes Bobber, Floater, Glider, Diver, Surfer and Dipper levels.  Lil Dipper 2 programs do not require parent participation.  Should your child need support from a parent please participate in Lil Dipper 1 until they are comfortable without a parent.

Lil Dipper 2 Program Overview

Learn to Swim and Stars 1-4

The Learn To Swim & Stars 1-4 programs are for children ages 6 years and older.  The Learn to Swim program includes Otter, Seal, Dolphin and Swimmer.  The Star Program includes Star 1, Star 2, Star 3 and Star 4.

Learn to Swim Program Overview

Star 1-4 Program Overview

Star Leadership

The Stars Leadership program begins after completion of Star 4.  The Star Leadership Program includes Star 5, Star 6 and Star 7.

Star Leadership Program Overview

Teen Learn to Swim Program

The non-registered Teen Learn to Swim program is for teens ages 13-18 years to gain confidence in the pool while learning basic swimming skills.

Advanced Aquatics Programs

They Y offers Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross programs.  Please visit the Leadership and Learning page.


Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons

These lessons are for current Classic and Premium members and start the 2nd week of each continuous swim lesson season.

  • Private and Semi-Private lessons are registered, are continuous for the duration of the season, and are non-refundable.
  • Payment is required at time of registration.
  • Make up lessons are not provided and classes cannot be re-scheduled.
  • Members are responsible for ensuring there is a 2nd member present for semi-private lessons and both members must be within the same swimming ability.

Registration for each private/semi private lesson season opens Wednesday at 8 a.m. the week before the regular swim lesson season starts.  Registration can occur once the season has started – fees will be pro-rated.

Summer Season:

  • Registration starts Wednesday July 5th 8 a.m.
  • Season runs July 17th to August 27th


Join us for lane swimming, leisure time and games.


Bring your entire family to the pool for a swim. An excellent way to spend an afternoon. Main pool space can be limited during peak swim lesson times.


An introduction to swimming skills through activities, games and songs. Caregiver participation required, aged 16+.


The YMCA’s Lil’ Dipper Swim Program is for preschool-aged children, 3 to 5 years, to orient them to movement in water, assist them to experience the buoyant qualities of water through floats and glides, introduce front and back swim, develop comfort and confidence in the water and expose children to water safety knowledge to allow them to become independent swimmers.

Progress Cards are not distributed for Drop-In lessons; instructors provide verbal feedback on a continuous basis. Due to instructor to participant ratios participants should arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to class and sign in with a lifeguard before changing and showering. Please note: Drop-In swim lessons are not available to children participating in registered swim lessons.


The YMCA’s Learn to Swim Program is for school-aged children, 6-12 years. This program introduces fundamental swim skills in shallow and deep water, including the front crawl, back crawl and treading water. Learners are encouraged to experience the buoyant qualities of water, learn safety, movement skills and gain confidence in the water.


The YMCA’s Star Swim Program is for school-aged children, 6-13 years. Water safety education and awareness is a component of instruction at all levels and the YMCA Star Program improves swimming ability, furthers water sport and safety skills, and develops endurance and strokes such as the front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and elementary backstroke. The YMCA Star Swim Program also allows the learner to explore leadership opportunities within the Y.