Fitness on Demand

The Eagle Creek offers both live instruction by our staff and virtual classes through Fitness on Demand.

Fitness on Demand is a touch screen video fitness system that allows YMCA members and guests a choice of classes they can take with a touch of a button.  Classes range from easy to advanced, with choice of cardio, strength, flexibility and dance. Class lengths range from 12 to 59 minutes and updates take place monthly.

When the space is not scheduled with other classes or programs you are welcome to choose a class you would like to take from a list of offerings or search by choosing a category that best suits you.

Drop In Classes

There’s strength in numbers! Improve your fitness in a motivating group of your peers. We offer classes for individuals of all fitness abilities. You’ll have fun while a certified Y instructor guides you and your group to better health.


Strengthen and tone your core using resistance bands, stability balls, and your own body as resistance for the ultimate full body workout.


A free weight class featuring strength and resistance exercises that will get your muscles working and body sweating, without hard to follow choreography! Suitable for all levels. It’s a strength class like no other.


Flow through a series of postures that work to stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles while calming and connecting the mind, body and spirit. Engage in a Yoga practice that is right for you by modifying or intensifying postures to fit your comfort level. Easy to follow format, all levels welcome.

Strength and Conditioning Classes

Registration in advance is required for these classes.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, a Y trainer can help you reach your fitness goals faster, and have more fun along the way. Is your workout getting stale? Are you looking to get to the next level? Or do you just need some help getting started? A Y trainer will work with you to create a workout plan and then help guide you through it.


Learn how to create and implement a strength training plan that is right for you. Once you take this session, you can use the cardio and strength training machines on your own – anytime you want.


Enjoy sessions with your Personal Trainer in a small group, learning how to make the most of the cardio and weight equipment at the Y in safe yet challenging sessions.