Family  Camp

Family camp is an opportunity for you and your family to enjoy an outdoor adventure without the headache of preparations and clean-up. You will have the ability to participate in all of our summer camp activities including canoeing, rock climbing and others. There will be activities available for you to participate with your kids and the opportunity to let your kids try an activity supervised by Camp Thunderbird staff.  The family camp program is a great way to introduce your children to organized overnight camping. We look forward to seeing you this spring!

Arrival is at 10am on Saturday and departure is after lunch on Monday at 1:30pm.


Each family will select a cabin type with their registration. Your family will be charged the cabin fee below for the 2 nights of your trip.

Cabin Type 1 – $56: Rustic without lights or bathrooms in the cabins

Cabin Type 2 – $90: Yurts without lights or bathrooms in the yurts

Cabin Type 3 – $135 :  Heated cabins with hot water and bathrooms inside the cabins

All families have access to the shower house, which includes showers and washroom facilities.

Family Camp Information Package

Information in this booklet is updated every year, and all of the information is vital for your family to have a successful experience. Please read carefully even if you or your child(ren) have been to camp before! Life at camp is different from the routines and patterns of home. Taking the time to talk with your family about their upcoming experience is an important step in preparing for an awesome experience at Camp Thunderbird!

Download the Family Information Package

2019 Dates and Fees

*Children 3 and under are free.

Program Days Fee (GST not included) Dates
Family Camp 3 $209 per person cost & cabin fee May 18-20



How to Register
Payment Options
Cancellation and Refund Policy
Follow Up Policy

Registration for Family Camp will open on Monday March 18, 2019.

Submit a Family Camp Registration

When do I pay?

You will be contacted by Registration Services at the time of registration to collect your payment information. Please review the payment options below. Please respond quickly and ensure you have reviewed our Follow Up Policy.  Please note, if someone else is paying for your family to attend camp they will be contacted to collect payment.  Receipts are issued in the name of the payer.

Payment Options

Payment in full – Visa or MasterCard.

 All cancellations must be received before a set date; notice must be provided in writing. After the set date, only medical cancellations will be accepted.  All refunds are subject to a 25% administration fee.  Medical cancellations accompanied by a physician’s note will receive a full refund less a $100 administration fee.

No refunds will be issued in instances where a camper is removed from a camp program at the choice or request of the camper or camper’s parent(s)/guardian(s) or is dismissed from camp for contravention of the camp commitment.

Each year upwards of 1000 campers register for camp.  Due to this volume of registrations Registration Services’ has a strict Follow Up Policy for collecting payment and missing information; please review this procedure below.

  1. The first follow-up will be a phone call asking you to call Registration Services regarding your camp registration or assistance application you will also receive an email providing you the details of the reason for follow-up.
  2. The last follow-up will be a phone call two (2) days later, this will provide you a 48 hour period to respond.
  3. If we do not hear from you when the 48 hour period has ended, we will assume you are no longer interested in registering for camp.
  4. If you respond after the 48 hour period has ended your camper will be placed at the back of the registration queue.
  • Registration Services keeps record of all attempts for follow-up.


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