The Practitioner Access Pass allows a Health Practitioner (Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist or Personal Trainer) access into the Y to work directly with client(s) from the Health Practitioner’s business. The client(s) must be a current Y member in good standing.

The Health Practitioner is required to meet with the Centre Manager prior to purchasing the pass. This will allow the Y to clarify expectations and ensure the facility will meet the Health Practitioners needs.

Once approved, there are 2 options for purchasing the Practitioner Access Pass:
Per Day Pass – allows the Health Practitioner to see an unlimited number of clients on a specific day. This pass must be purchased on the day it will be used.
Continuous Monthly Pass– allows the Health Practitioner to see an unlimited number of clients. This pass is set up to be renewed each month until the Health Practitioner cancels.

Current pricing can be found here. The Practitioner Access Pass is non-transferable.

The Practitioner Access Pass is not a membership and as such does not provide the Health Practitioner access to use facilities, programs or services except to support their client(s). Those wishing to have membership access and privileges, must purchase a Y Membership for their personal use.

When the Health Practitioner meets with the Centre Manager they will be required to provide proof of Liability Insurance (minimum $2 million – either individual or company).

When the Health Practitioner accesses the Y, they are required to sign in at the membership desk with photo identification. Whenever possible the Health Practitioner is asked to wear their company uniform and/or name tag.

To contact the Centre Manager, please email indicating the branch you will be using most often.

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