The list below are classes that are currently offered at either the Downtown Y or Westhills Y locations.


Aqua Fit

Cardio training, strength exercises and stretching. Go at your own pace – or be challenged by our instructors. Deep water optional. Class style subject to change.

Baby and Me – Bootcamp

A functional total body workout designed to build your strength and endurance while keeping baby by your side. All fitness levels welcome, special modifications and considerations for post-partum bodies. All ages of children welcome.

Bar-Less Barre

Bar-Less Barre is a fusion of Ballet, Pilates, Yoga and Fitness exercises. Barre exercises have been adapted to be performed without a barre. The core is challenged to support the body and the exercises focus on low impact movement with smaller range of motion and higher repetitions. Light weights and small equipment are often incorporated. Bar-Less Barre is suitable for all fitness levels. No dance experience is required.


Challenge yourself in a high-intensity interval workout that uses your own body weight and a variety of fitness equipment to work cardio and increase your strength while improving your core strength, balance, coordination, and body awareness. Modifications are available.  

Cardio Dance

Get a great cardio workout while dancing to popular music. Learn various routines while you sweat.

Cardio & Core

This class combines a low impact cardio segment followed by exercises designed for everyday functionality that targets your core using body weight, free weights and stability balls.

Cardio, Strength & Stretch

Best of three combined in one workout: an upbeat aerobic component, followed by a challenging full-body strength portion and finally a muscle-lengthening, calming stretch to wrap up the class.


This class offers a challenging cardio workout with fun and simple choreography that will raise your heart rate and improve aerobic endurance. All fitness levels welcome.

CardioFit Low Impact

This class offers a cardio workout of low impact choreography designed to help raise your heart rate and improve aerobic endurance. Class length varies depending on the class type, class set-up requirements, and equipment being offered.


Circuit class includes a series of timed exercises with short recovery intervals put together to give you a full body workout. Think “maximum results in minimum time”. Exercises include endurance, resistance and cardio training

Core Strength

Strengthen and tone your core using weights, stability balls, and your own body as resistance for the ultimate full body workout.

Intro to CycleFit

Are you new to CycleFit? A 45min class including 15mins of bike set-up before doing a 30min workout (5min warm-up, 20min of drills at your own pace and a 5min cooldown)


Join us for the ultimate intensive workout combining both aerobic and anaerobic exercise through drill training and speed work. Build strength, endurance and flexibility in a fun environment that lets you modify your own intensity! Please bring a water bottle and towel.

Cycle And Strength

This high energy class will get your heart rate up and your cardio in with the class beginning on the cycle bikes. The second part of class will have you lifting weights and working with resistance bands for a full body sculpt.

Gentle Fit

For the beginner to fitness – safe, effective, low-impact strength and cardio to increase muscle conditioning and fitness.

Interval Express

30-minute workout using a tabata style format (20 seconds workout, 10 seconds rest) to keep you motivated while improving your overall fitness. By training with free-weights, resistance-bands, and body-weight this quick workout will give you a range of strengthening, stretching, balance, and core exercises. Appropriate for all fitness levels.


A safe, challenging and revitalizing workout for stronger, leaner, longer muscles along with increased flexibility and relaxation.  Please bring your own mat.


A powerful fusion of dance, martial arts, and mindfulness practices, Nia can work for everybody, regardless of age, health or fitness level. Practiced barefoot, Nia’s purpose is to inspire and guide people to listen to the wisdom of the body, choose movement that feels good, and find connection in community. Using a system of 52 simple moves, each Nia workout delivers full-body conditioning leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.

Senior Strength

Safe, effective, light, low-impact and strength exercises increase mobility, dexterity and fitness.


Step is a fun and challenging cardio class using a step platform. Choreographed step patterns are matched to music to create an invigorating workout.

Step and Strength

Step and strength offers a high-energy, fun mix of step aerobics combined with full body strength training. All levels welcome.


A weight training class focusing on compound (working two muscle groups at once) exercises.


The first half of this class will involve low-moderate intensity training to improve both core and balance. The second half of this class will focus on a deeper full body stretch that leaves you feeling energized and refreshed! This class is suitable for Healthy Living participants.

Total Body Strength [TBS]

A free weight class featuring strength and resistance exercises that will get your muscles working and body sweating, without hard to follow choreography! Suitable for all levels. It’s a strength class like no other.


A full body workout that uses your body weight to develop strength, flexibility, mobility, and core strength. Support from the strap allows you to work through ranges of motion creating balance throughout the body.


Flow through a series of postures that work to stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles while calming and connecting the mind, body and spirit. Engage in a Yoga practice that is right for you by modifying or intensifying postures to fit your comfort level. Easy to follow format, all levels welcome.  Please bring your own mat.


Combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective cardio workout.

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