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Welcome Teachers and Group Organizers

Camp Thunderbird provides outdoor education experiences in the May, June and September each year. We believe that high-quality mentorship, small group experiences, time spent being physically active in natural spaces, democratic group living and community service are key elements in the healthy growth and development of young people. The Outdoor Education experience is designed to provide participants with increased self-confidence, teamwork and outdoor skills.

Camp Thunderbird has a dynamic staff team of over 20 trained instructors who provide outdoor adventure, teambuilding, leadership, and environmental education experiences.  Nestled in the Sooke foothills we offer day programs and 1-4 night overnight programs for schools, groups, home-schoolers, college and university groups.  With accommodation for up to 220 Camp Thunderbird can provide a outdoor experience for everyone! 


The YMCA-YWCA of Vancouver Island Outdoor Centre and Camp Thunderbird is committed to providing quality outdoor experiences that support healthy growth and development of young people.  We invest significant resources to create programs that provide these benefits to our participants without exposing them to unacceptable hazards.

Participants and their families should be aware of the risks involved in participating in camp programs and accept that by participating they are taking those risks. Please take the time to review this summary of risks and our risk management approach. Risks will vary for each program, so we ask that you also take the time to review the information provided about each program.

YMCA-YWCA Outdoor Centre and Camp Thunderbird Risk Awareness


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