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Before You Go
Camp Drop Off and Pick Up
Contacting my Camper


*Includes Packing Lists

Information in this booklet is updated every year, and all of the information is vital for your camper(s) to have a successful experience. Please read carefully even if you have been to camp before! Life at camp is different from the routines and patterns of home. Taking the time to talk with your camper(s) about their upcoming experience is an important step in preparing. Setting a positive tone and clarifying expectations can really help your child make the adjustment. In doing this, your child will take the most out of their Camp Thunderbird opportunity.

Camp Program
Day Camps 2020 coming soon
5 Day Base Camps 2020 coming soon
5, 9 & 12 Day Quest Camps 2020 coming soon
9 & 12 Outpost Camps 2020 coming soon
Leadership Development Camps 2020 coming soon
2020 coming soon


We understand that you may need to update your authorized pick up person.  Please update your information online.  After logging in, in your “My Account” screen, click “Change Question Answers” under the Account Settings.

If it is less than 24 hours before pick up time, please phone/email the Outdoor Centre Camp Thunderbird directly.


Camper Drop Off Time

All Camps begin on a Monday or a Thursday. Please check your registration to ensure you are dropping off on the correct first day of camp.

Camp Program Driven by Car to Camp By Bus from the Downtown Y By Bus from the Westhills Y
Day Camp 9:00am 7:50am 8:30am
Explorers/Pioneers 9:00am 7:50am 8:30am
Outpost/Leadership 9:30am 7:50am 8:30am

Camper Pick Up Off Time

All Camps end on a Friday. Please take into account heavy traffic on your route to camp for pick up on Friday.

Camp Program Driven by Car at Camp By Bus to the Downtown Y By Bus to the Westhills Y
Day Camp 3:30pm 5:10pm 4:30pm
Explorers/Pioneers 3:00pm 5:10pm 4:30pm
Outpost/Leadership 2:30pm 5:10pm 4:30pm

If you have any questions about pick up times please contact the Summer Camp Manager.


We use a summer camp email service called Bunk1. It provides free contact with campers (called bunk notes) on a limited basis, and the option to purchase extra bunk notes for families wishing to have more regular contact. We will post a link on our website in June 2020 with the Bunk1 access code on it.

Bunk Notes are printed once per day, at 11:00am and distributed at breakfast, lunch or dinner within 24 hours. Campers do not receive bunk notes while on out-trip. Bunk Notes sent after 11am on the last Thursday of the program will not reach the camper before they leave.

Bunk1 is a 3rd party service that we use. Bunk1 is a reliable service that is quick and easy to distribute. All families receive at least one free bunk note per child, per week of camp. Bunk1 is a for-profit venture, and they charge for any additional bunk notes at a cost of $1.00 per note. 50% of all profits from bunk notes sent to Camp Thunderbird campers are donated to the Strong Kids fund, which helps send kids to Camp Thunderbird programs who otherwise could not afford it.

Regular Mail

Thunderbird’s Mailing Address:
Camper Name and section (Explorer, Pioneer, etc.)
c/o Camp Thunderbird
5040 Glinz Lake Rd
Sooke, BC V9Z 0E3

Sending a letter before your child arrives at camp ensures that they receive a letter during their stay. A letter from home can be a wonderful treat if it is positive and light-hearted. If you get an unhappy letter from your child, don’t panic. It’s likely whatever made them unhappy when they wrote the letter has long since been forgotten, or it has been addressed by your camper’s counsellor or another camp staff. If you have a concern, please call.


No phone is available for campers to regularly make or receive calls while at camp. If you would like to speak with the Summer Program Manager for any reason, please feel free to phone the camp at: 250-642-3136.


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