We know sending your child to camp can generate a lot of questions. Take a few moments to read through the information below.

Camper Care

Camper wellness is critical to a rewarding experience at camp. Here are some of the things we do to make sure our campers are physically and emotionally safe.

Safety Standards
All Camp Thunderbird programs are run according to the British Columbia Camping Association accreditation standards. There standards apply to staff, equipment and procedures.

First Aid Training
All Camp Thunderbird counselors are trained in Standard First Aid and CPR C and each cabin counseling team carries a well stocked first aid kits at all times. All of our multi-day off site outtrips are lead by a staff member certified in Wilderness First Aid.

Camper Medications
All camper medications brought to camp are checked in with our Wellness Coordinator. Medication taken on a regular basis is kept with a supervisor and given at appropriate times. Emergency medications such as inhalers or epinephrine injections are kept either with the camper, or in staff first aid kits that stay with the group. Any time a medication is given the staff and camper initial a tracking form so there is a clear record of the medication being given.

Over the Counter Medications
Camp Thunderbird stocks basic over the counter medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, antihistamines, cough syrup, throat lozenges, and upset stomach relief medications. We encourage families not to send these medications to camp with their campers. We will always do our best to make contact with guardians to get permission before administering medications, however if we are unable to make contact our manager may decide to administer the medication under the advice of our medical staff.

Wellness Centre
Camp Thunderbird’s health centre has three beds, a three-piece bathroom and living quarters for staff to stay in. If a camper is sick for a short duration they can rest in the wellness centre and are cared for by a staff member who is always nearby. If a camper is sick for a longer period we may ask that they be brought home to recover.

Challenge by Choice
Camp Thunderbird operates on a challenge by choice philosophy. Our campers learn and grow by trying things that may be new, challenging or even a little intimidating. Achieving something they didn’t think they could do can be immensely rewarding. However we never want a camper to be out of their comfort zone. All challenges at Camp Thunderbird are optional and the decision of how far they want to push themselves is in the hands of the campers.

Camper Conflict
Camp Thunderbird does not tolerate dangerous or abusive behaviour; counselors will work with campers, supervisors and managers to resolve conflict in a respectful way. If this cannot be achieved, campers will be removed from program and parents will be contacted. Campers who do not or cannot meet behaviour expectations will have to be dismissed from the program.

A lot of campers get homesick, especially their first time at camp. We train our staff on how to help campers with homesickness and most of the time it can be overcome quite easily. Many campers leave camp very proud of how well they have overcome their homesickness. If a camper is repeatedly or seriously homesick we will contact the parents to let them know and seek their advice in helping the camper through it.

Non BC Residents

Due to limited availability of spaces, and additional Covid-19 considerations, registration is limited to BC residents for 2021.

Contacting My Camper


No phone is available for campers to regularly make or receive calls while at camp. If you would like to speak with the Summer Program Manager for any reason, please feel free to phone the Y Outdoor Centre.

Food at Camp

Day Campers need to bring a water bottle, snacks and a hearty lunch.  Campers can not share food. We are a nut free camp.  More details can be found in the Family Information Booklet.

Family Information Packages (including packing lists)


Information in these booklets are updated each year, and all of the information is vital for your camper(s) to have a successful experience. These information booklets include packing lists for each camp. Please read carefully even if you have been to camp before! Life at camp is different from the routines and patterns of home. Taking the time to talk with your camper(s) about their upcoming experience is an important step in preparing. Setting a positive tone and clarifying expectations can really help your child make the adjustment. In doing this, your child will make the most of their Camp Thunderbird experience.

Camp Program
Day Camps Download
Leadership Development Download
Updating Information Provided During Registration


We understand that things change in the time between registration and attending camp. Most information can be updated online at your convenience. Please note, some questions will be locked as camp dates approach. After logging in, in your “My Account” screen, click “Change Question Answers” under the Account Settings.


We understand that you may need to update your authorized pick up person. Please update your information online. After logging in, in your “My Account” screen, click “Change Question Answers” under the Account Settings.

If it is less than 24 hours before pick up time, please phone/email the Outdoor Centre Camp Thunderbird directly.

Camp Drop Off and Pick Up

Camper Drop Off Time

All Camps begin on a Monday except on BC Day. Camp begins on Tuesday Aug 4.

Camp Program Driven by Car to Camp By Bus from the Downtown Y By Bus from the Westhills Y
All Camps 9:00am 8:00am 8:30am

Camper Pick Up Time

If picking up your camper by car at camp please take into account heavy traffic on your route to camp, especially on Fridays.

All Camps Driven by Car at Camp By Bus to the Downtown Y By Bus to the Westhills Y
Day Camp 3:45pm 5:15pm 4:30pm

Lost and Found

2021 Lost and Found

Did your camper lose something at camp?  Complete the form below. One of our staff members will look for your lost item and get back to you IF they find it. If you don’t hear back from us, it means that we looked and were unsuccessful.

Lost and Found Form

Lost and Found items are kept at camp for 14 days after the session ends and are then donated to charity unless you fill out our Lost and Found request form and a staff member will check the lost and found for you. If the item is found, we will contact you and make arrangements to hold it for you at camp until September 15th at the latest. This will give you time to get to camp during our office hours for collection. We do not transport items to Victoria or Langford.

The best ways to help us reduce the amount of lost and found is to talk to your camper about keeping track of his or her things before getting to camp and putting your camper’s name on anything brought to camp.

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