Outpost is for campers who have finished Grades 6, 7 or 8. Adventure in the outdoors is the core of the Outpost program. While at camp, our Outpost campers hone their outdoor living and pursuit skills by learning about low-impact camping and travel under their own steam. As a group, campers learn to be effective paddlers or hikers by practicing advanced skills as taught by our certified instructors. In the Quest program, each out-trip offers different challenges in a unique environment. Outpost Quest campers plan and pack for their trip, take an active role in camp duties such as setting up camp, cooking and clean-up.

Campers finished grades 6-8

• 9 campers, 2 counselors
• 5, 9 or 12 days
• Base Camp program with all nights at camp or Quest programs with out-trips.
• Out trip choices: sea kayaking, coastal hiking, canoeing
• Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, archery, rock climbing, orienteering, hiking and a high ropes course
• Environmental education, creative programming, and campfires

Outpost Base Camp (5 Days)

Base camp is a great introduction to camping and the outdoors for Outpost age campers. This five-day program focuses on building skills and confidence for camping and outdoor pursuits. Outpost Base Camp participants practice skills such as canoeing, hiking, kayaking and archery, play team building games, and enjoy campfires. Base Camp participants sleep in cabins at camp and do day trips away from the core of camp.

Outpost Quest (5 Days, with overnight out-trip)

Five day programs have a one-night hiking out-trip on Camp Thunderbird property. These are similar to Pioneer Quest trips, but with a slightly longer hiking distance seeing further reaches of our property in the Sooke Hills.

Longer Outpost Quest Programs

Nine or twelve day Quest programs have four or five day out-trips, respectively. Campers sleep under tarps or in tents away from camp. Information about each four or five-day trip is provided below.

Outpost Hike (9 Days, with 3 day out-trip)

Nine day Outpost Hike programs travel along the north end of the Juan de Fuca trail from Botanical Beach to Sombrio Beach.  They camp at Payzant Creek and Little Kuitshe Creek campsites. This end of the trail is a less challenging portion and well suited to the age group of the campers. The distance traveled is reasonable and the overall elevation gain is minimal in comparison to other portions of the trail and other marine trails. These factors make this trip the ideal location for campers to discover the joy of walking through the natural world. The pace is set to be achievable for all participants, and normally the group travels approximately 7 kilometers per day.

Outpost Kayak Southern Gulf Islands (9 days with 3 day out-trip)

Outpost Kayak campers explore the natural beauty of the Southern Gulf Islands. Depending on the group they will camp on two of Portland, Rum, Sidney and Darcy islands. This trip is a good stepping stone from our base camp or quest hiking programs to our kayak and canoe programs. Most campers travel in a double kayak, but each group takes a combination of single and double kayaks. Paddlers can expect approximately 2-4 hours of paddling per day. While there is no portaging, campers help with loading and unloading boats at campsites each day.

Outpost Kayak Northern Gulf Islands (12 days, with 5 day out-trip)

Outpost Kayak campers explore the natural beauty of the Northern Gulf Islands. Sharing the water with wildlife including seabirds and marine mammals, kayak campers travel to and camp on three or four of the campsites on Tent, Wallace, Galliano, Valdez and De Courcy Islands. Most campers travel in a double kayak, but each group takes a combination of single and double kayaks. Paddlers can expect approximately 2-5 hours of paddling per day. While there is no portaging, campers help with loading and unloading boats at campsites each day.

Outpost Canoe Sayward Lakes (12 days, with 5 day out-trip)

Outpost Canoe campers spend 5 days paddling on the largest freshwater canoe circuit on Vancouver Island: the Sayward Forest Canoe Route. The group travels on the route between Brewster Lake and Mohun Lake, camping at one of the many wilderness campsites along the way. Paddlers can expect approximately 2-5 hours of paddling per day, with rest stops to enjoy the scenery. There are some portages along the way, with the longest being 2.3kms. Challenging but rewarding!

New – Outpost Mountain Bike (12-day program with day trips by bike)

These campers get a well-rounded overnight Camp Thunderbird experience with the bonus of riding their bikes in our beautiful forest and on some surrounding purpose-built trails. This camp is intended for campers who are new to mountain biking or are at a beginner level.  These campers will spend 8 program blocks learning riding skills and techniques, building trail and learning to inspect/repair their bike. Our trail network links to the trails built for mountain biking in the Sooke Hills and campers will travel many different places in our region during their program. During this travel they will work on their Mountain Biking skills on easy to moderate terrain (Green and Blue level trails). In addition to this they will learn trail maintenance and building skills.

Campers will bring their own bikes that must meet the following criteria:

  • Have received a safety inspection from a reputable bike mechanic within 4 weeks of the program start date (proof required)
  • Wheel diameter between 24” and 29”
  • Have both front and rear brakes
  • Have at least 5 speeds
  • Have off-road tires

Busing is not available for this camp due to the space requirements for transporting bikes. All campers must be driven to and from camp by car.


Information in this booklet is updated every year, and all of the information is vital for your camper(s) to have a successful experience. Please read carefully even if you have been to camp before! Life at camp is different from the routines and patterns of home. Taking the time to talk with your camper(s) about their upcoming experience is an important step in preparing. Setting a positive tone and clarifying expectations can really help your child make the adjustment. In doing this, your child will take the most out of their Camp Thunderbird opportunity.

Outpost Base Camp Family Information Package

Outpost 5 Day Quest Family Information Package

Outpost 9 & 12 Day Quest Family Information Package

Dates and Fees

Program Days Fee (GST not included) Dates
Outpost Base Camp 5 $560 Aug 21-25
NEW Outpost Quest 5 $560 July 24-28 (Female only), Aug 14-18, Aug 21-25 (Male only)
Outpost Coastal Hike 9 $1,095 July 6-14, Aug 3-11
Outpost Kayak 9 $1,200 July 6-14, Aug 3-11
Outpost Canoe 12 $1,460 July 17-28, Aug 14-25
Outpost Kayak 12 $1,480 July 17-28, Aug 14-25


Bus space for overnight campers is limited and fills up fast! Pick up/Drop off is available from the Downtown Y or Westhills Y. Campers may also be driven to/from camp by car.  Please arrive early or on-time and be prepared to sign in and out your camper by showing photo identification.

Busing is not available for Outpost Mountain Bike.

Transportation Location Drop Off Pick Up
By Car at Camp Thunderbird 5040 Glinz Lake Rd. Sooke, B.C. 9:30 AM 3:00 PM
By Bus Downtown Y 851 Broughton St. Victoria, B.C. 7:50 AM 5:10 PM
By Bus Westhills Y 1319 Westhills Dr. Langford, B.C. 8:30 AM 4:30 PM



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