April 19, 2020 marks the start of national volunteer week. While most of our facilities are currently closed, the volunteer spirit is alive and well in our community. We are pleased to celebrate this essential service in its many forms.

Volunteers have been an integral part of the Y since we started. While many who contribute here tell us that they may get more than they receive, we know that the experience they help create for our members and those we support is a clear reflection of who we are. This is what community looks like.  Scroll through the list below to see who our volunteers are.

If you know them, thank them. If we have missed anyone here, please let us know and accept our gratitude for everything you do.


Andreas Reichert Darren Tannas Jeffrey Weightman Michael Gonzalez
Angie Lovitt David Lovitt Jennifer  Gibson Michelle McElroy
Anna Stein David Poje Jodi Mucha Nick Mosky
Audrey McFarlane David Robertson Johanna Morrow Parus Khan
Barbara Messenger Deanne McKinney John Kelley Patti Hunter
Barri Anne  Marlatt Debbra Choo John Waddell Pattarapol Tungsiriratana
Barry Cosgrave Dennis    Varga Jonathan Tierney Norgaard Patti Hunter
Beth Gust Donald Boulding Joseph MacDonnell Paul Arthur Logan
Bill Currie Donna McLeod Julie Cormier Pauline Powell
Bill Taylor Doreen Collins Julie King Pierre Dil
Bonnie Wood Doreen Sullivan Justin Mulhall Willie Lam
Brian Lepine Elizabeth Brimacombe Karen Demeo Rachel Siemens
Brittany Buna Emily  Jackson Kathleen Sancaster Ron   Hall
Bruce Tranter Emma Tetrault Kent Vickery Ronald Webster
Bryan (Deane) Strongitharm Fern   Long Kerry Wadsworth Rudi Wallace
Caillie Chu Gaetan Blais Kirsten Coupe Ryan Anthony
Caitlin Forsey Gloria Snider Kristin Mimick Sarah Pollard
Carla  Cacovic Greg Goldberg Kristy Pellew Sarah Solaczek
Carley Pearson Harmanpreet Singh Gahrha Kurt Bronson Shannon Grant
Celine Berry Heather Weir Laura Silva Shawna Lyttle
Ceri Thomas Ian Poyntz Leah Sutherland Shona Redmond
Chelsea Resch Jacqueline Fitts Leigh-Ann MacLean Sam Van der Merwe
Chloe Leslie Jacqueline Ogaard Lisa King Suzanne Byfield-Malcolm
Christian Bergmeister Jaime Apolonio Lisa Richardson Tanner Clouston
Christine Gleed James Walters Madelaine Cotton Tanya Fogary
Claire Lipke Janet Martin Madeline Rigg Teresa Christison
Coco Lee Elgood Janet Noden Margaret  Huszar Tiffany Gowing
Crystal Bleackley Janette Galan Maria Constantinescu Tim Woodcock
Cynnthia Richards Jasmin Eric Nicolas Fredette Marilyn Shinto Veronique Mercier
Darlene Choo Jasvir Dusanj Melanie Hudson Vittoria Melizza

We asked our volunteers to share why they chose the Y to give of their time and you can read some of their stories below.

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