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Updated April 11, 2024

Our Child Care programs are currently at capacity. Our registration team will reach out to waitlisted families if a space becomes available for your child. If you are not on our waitlist please join the waitlist (see below), Due to the high demand for Licensed Child Care programs, families can expect to remain on the wait list for 2 or more years.

Downtown Y 3-5 Years Program

  • no spaces available currently
  • Anticipated spaces becoming available for September 2024: 0

Westhills Y Toddler Program (18 – 36 months)

  • no spaces available
  • Anticipated spaces becoming available between for September 2024: 0

Westhills Y 3-5 Years Program

  • no spaces available currently
  • Anticipated spaces becoming available for September 2024: 0


If no spaces are available for the program you are interested in please complete the online form to join the waitlist.  You will be contacted as follows when a space becomes available.

Join the Waitlist

Short Notice Spaces:

Short notice spaces become available at the last minute for a variety of reasons. Notification to fill these spaces is done through email to all families with children who meet the criteria to fill the space.  The registration process remains the same as above.


If you checked the availability section and a space is available you can contact our team and begin the registration process.

If you have received an offer via email you will have 24 hours to respond by phone or email.

To hold your child’s space you must pay your $200 registration deposit to hold your space; this deposit is applied to the last month child care fees.


The next step will be to arrange to have a tour of the centre with the Child Care Supervisor; we will have them contact you to schedule a visit within 3 business days of receiving payment for your deposit.

This visit provides you and your child the opportunity to explore the centre, meet the staff, and ensures our program is a good fit for your family and the YMCA-YWCA of Vancouver Island. Your child must attend the tour.

Within 48 hours of your visit to the centre, the Registration office will contact you to discuss the next steps to registration.


To finish your registration you must now submit by email to the following forms completed in full.

Online Fillable Forms Print and Complete Forms
Registration Form – Fillable Registration Form
Child Care Family Handbook – Fillable Child Care Family Handbook
Fees & Enrollment Sign off Page- Fillable Fees & Enrollment Sign off Page
Child Care Payment Agreement – Fillable Child Care Payment Agreement


Child Care fees are charged automatically on the 1st of each month through Pre-Authorized Payment. Payment may be arranged by credit card only.  A Pre-Authorized Payment Form must be completed at the time of registration and is included in the registration package. If you do not have a credit card please contact our team.

If your child is absent due to sickness, vacation or for other personal reasons, it will be necessary to pay the full fee in order to maintain your child’s space.

If a payment is declined or returned you will be notified to arrange payment.  If payment is not received in a timely fashion it is deemed as non-payment.

To make any changes to your child care fees please complete a new Payment Agreement form and email it to with 10 days notice before the 1st of the month.

Non-Payment of Fees

If payment is not received on the due date, you will be notified to make payment; after two weeks, you will receive a letter of notice; after three weeks, you will receive final notice, which may result in the immediate cancellation of services.

The YMCA-YWCA will not be responsible for any costs charged by your bank/financial institution for NSF fees. When appropriate, the Manager, Child Care, in consultation with the Finance Department, will work with families to develop alternate payment plans.

Fee Increases

The YMCA-YWCA of Vancouver Island reviews its childcare fees on an annual basis. Thirty (30) days notice will be provided for any fee increases.

Registration Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required at time of registration to secure a child care space for each child. Deposit will be applied to the last month child care fees if the appropriate notice is provided.

Child Care Benefit and Financial Assistance

Affordable Child Care Benefit, Ministry of Education and Child Care

The Affordable Child Care Benefit is available to families based on provincial eligibility requirements. Parents who receive the benefit are responsible for the difference between the benefit and the YMCA-YWCA Child Care fee. Parents are responsible for keeping their benefit current and are responsible for the full fee if their benefit expires. We will refund the benefit portion of the payment to parents once benefits have resumed, and payment has been received from the Ministry. Please contact the Child Care Service Centre at 1-888-338-6622 or visit their website for more information.

YMCA-YWCA Financial Assistance

At the YMCA-YWCA, we want to ensure that all children have an opportunity to benefit from a YMCA-YWCA Child Care Centre experience. If your family requires financial assistance in addition to Ministry subsidy, please discuss this with the Manager, Child Care.

Contact Us

Our office is currently closed to the public.  Please phone or email our team Monday – Friday 8:05am – 3:25pm

Registration Services

202-1314 Lakepoint Way
Langford, BC V9B 0S2
T: 250.386.7511


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