Drop In Classes

There’s strength in numbers! Improve your fitness in a motivating group of your peers. We offer classes for individuals of all fitness abilities. You’ll have fun while a certified Y instructor guides you and your group to better health.

Aqua Fit

Cardio training, strength exercises and stretching. Go at your own pace – or be challenged by our instructors. Deep water optional. Class style subject to change.

Aqua Circuit

A high-intensity aquatic fitness class consisting of upper and lower body, core, and cardiovascular interval exercises. Background music, but no choreography.

Aqua Combo

Designed for both shallow and deep water Aquafit enthusiasts. Cardio training, strength exercises and stretching. Go at your own pace – or be challenged by our instructors. Participants can choose to stay in the shallow water or travel deep with the instructor led options.

Baby and Me Bootcamp

Combines cardio training and strength exercises for a full body workout. If you are a mom looking for a post pregnancy workout plan or a caregiver wanting to get active with a little one, this will help you reach your goals while exercising with your baby along side you. These classes are a great way to challenge your body in a safe environment, meet other parents and role model for your children. (Please have your Doctor/Midwife approval to exercise after pregnancy. 8 weeks post-partum is recommended).

Barre – limited equipment/spaces

Barre is a fusion of Ballet, Pilates, Yoga and Fitness exercises. Using a ballet barre, the body is supported while exercises focus on low impact movement with smaller range of motion and higher repetitions. Light weights and small equipment is often incorporated. Barre is suitable for all fitness levels. No dance experience is required. Barre classes are included in memberships for Classic and Premium members only. Sign up is required, up to 2 days in advance either by calling 250-386-7511 or in the branch with a Membership Services representative.


Improve your strength and cardio fitness while having fun in this high-intensity, interval style training class.

Synrgy EXPRESS – limited equipment/spaces

A 30-minute fitness class aimed at all levels of exercisers. Train smarter, better, and more effectively using ropes, TRX® suspension trainers, medicine balls, cables, kettlebells and more. This class takes place on the third level in our Functional Fitness room and is a limited equipment class for Classic and Premium members. Sign up is required, 1 hour in advance of the class at the second floor fitness centre desk.

Cardio Dance

Get a great cardio workout while dancing to popular music. Learn various routines while you sweat.

Cardio Fit EXPRESS

This  25 minute class offers a high energy cardio workout with choreography designed to help raise your heart rate and improve aerobic endurance, all done to popular music!


Action-packed total body conditioning. Plyometrics, drills, calisthenics . . . zero choreography with huge results.

Core Strength

Strengthen and tone your core using weights, stability balls, and your own body as resistance for the ultimate full body workout.

Gentle Fit

For the beginner to fitness – safe, effective, low-impact strength and cardio to increase muscle conditioning and fitness.

Interval EXPRESS

30-minute workout using a tabata style format (20 seconds workout, 10 seconds rest) to keep you motivated while improving your overall fitness. By training with free-weights, resistance-bands, and body-weight this quick workout will give you a range of strengthening, stretching, balance, and core exercises. Appropriate for all fitness levels.


A safe, challenging and revitalizing workout for stronger, leaner, longer muscles along with increased flexibility and relaxation.


This class combines elements from Pilates and Yoga to help increase your stamina, flexibility and strength.

Strength and Stretch

Challenge your body to stay strong while incorporating dynamic stretching that increases flexibility and builds strength.

Strength EXPRESS

A 30 minute weight training class focused on compound exercises (working two muscle groups at once).

Total Body Strength

A free weight class featuring strength and resistance exercises that will get your muscles working and body sweating, with easy to follow choreography.  It’s a strength class like no other.


Flow through a series of postures that work to stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles while calming and connecting the mind, body and spirit. Engage in a Yoga practice that is right for you by modifying or intensifying postures to fit your comfort level. Easy to follow format.


Combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective cardio workout.

Family Fitness Yoga Workshop

Held the last Saturday of each month from 11:15am-12pm in Activity Room 3. Ages 6+, drop in (no sign up or registration required). Open to all members, guests and day pass users. Join us for a yoga inspired workout that the whole family will enjoy. Learn the ways that yoga can benefit your family, plus poses that you can do at home!

Fitness on Demand

Fitness on Demand is a touch screen video fitness system that allows YMCA members and guests a choice of classes they can take with a touch of a button.  Classes range from easy to advanced, with choice of cardio, strength, flexibility and dance. Class lengths range from 12 to 59 minutes and updates take place monthly.

When the space is not scheduled with other classes or programs you are welcome to choose a class you would like to take from a list of offerings or search by choosing a category that best suits you.

Fitness on Demand is on the third floor, in the Fitness Studio.

Strength and Conditioning Classes

Registration in advance is required for these classes.


Learn how to use the fitness spaces safely and effectively. Once you take this session, you can use the cardio and strength training machines on your own – anytime you want.


Small group training is an innovative way to reap the benefits of working with a Y Personal Coach, in a semi-private manner! With up to 10 people per class, it provides a more personalized approach to improving your overall strength, endurance, balance, agility and core! These classes help you improve your physical skills and reach your goals in a friendly and motivating atmosphere, by encouraging more individual progress and skill development.

Small Group Training is available to Classic and Premium members. Sign up is required, up to 2 days in advance either by calling 250-386-7511 or in the branch with a Membership Services representative.

Personal Coaching

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, a Y trainer can help you reach your fitness goals faster, and have more fun along the way. Is your workout getting stale? Are you looking to get to the next level? Or do you just need some help getting started? A Y trainer will work with you to create a workout plan and then help guide you through it.


A limited number of Personal Coaching Sessions are INCLUDED in Classic and Premium memberships! Classic members are able to book a Personal Coaching Session once every two months, Premium members are able to book a Personal Coaching Session once every two weeks. There is no fee for these Included sessions.


Need more than once every two weeks or months? Additional Personal Coaching Sessions may be booked for $38 + GST/session.
This option is available only to Classic and Premium members.

To sign up for Personal Coaching, speak to a Membership Services Representative in the branch or call 250-386-7511.